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RESET Rev001 1 STANDING RULES OF FLOTILLA UNITED STATES COAST GUARD AUXILIARY ARTICLE 1 NAME 1.1 The name of this organization shall be Flotilla , Division , District/Region, United States Coast Guard
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This video is a project of the AnnenbergFoundation Trust at Sunnylands Congratulations you've just been electedto the Board of Supervisors of San Francisco In today's today's world not1880 you have a program a plan you've actually campaigned on itYou're going to put a series of meeting places with gym and classrooms andhigh-tech for the young people in San Francisco to get them off the street andyou talk to your of your other your the colleague with your one vote short A another supervisor comes to you and saidI'll vote for your ability vote tonight I want to regulate I guess you call themnail salons I see signs all the time nails We want to have health inspections makesure they sterilize the instruments and something and we're going to have a lotof inspectors You think it's a waste of time Do you give them your vote Trade your vote I wouldn't do that- What -I wouldn't Legislators don't trade votes Do you think it's unethical You think it's wrong They do um it's log-rolling is- Log-rolling- Yeah like you scratch my back and I scratch yours Does anybodydisagree with your colleague Yes I believe that our country was founded onthe basis of compromise and so therefore that is a sort of compromiseand therefore if you if you really want to get your- But your colleagues saidthat this is wrong I won't trade a vote I'm- it's not- I don't believe it's wrongpersonally -Why Why is it wrong -It advances what you believe in and whatdo you believe in this you believe in getting the facilities for the kids inSan Francisco and -It's going to cost a little more to get the facilities forthe kids in San Francisco You're going to let all those kids gowithout the support they need just because of your ethics You're not going tovote a little nail bill Okay really You're going to sacrifice the youngpeople of San Francisco for your sense of ethics which says you'll never tradeI um there would probably be I would give it time because maybe later on it wouldn'tbe an immediate thing so if I if I would to give it time maybe later on these people would change in their minds and things would probably change Let meask you this if you're a judge on an appellate court where they're like atthe Supreme Court where we have three or four cases would you say well JusticeKennedy I'm going to vote with you in the tax case if you'll vote with me inthe robbery case We have a history of compromise in this country Um I believethat slightly different because -Why is it different -As a judge you're called onto vote how you interpret the Constitution and how what you believeis correct and um therefore I feel you're obligated to vote how you feeland not change votes exchange votes It is a clear violation a fundamentalviolation I I think a criminal violation for a judge to trade his vote Never Ithappens the legislature all the time I want you to think about the reasons...